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Few things can transform a landscape quite as beautifully as a water feature. Choose from options like a dramatic waterfall, a quiet pond, a garden fountain, or anything else that will complete your garden or yard in Gilbert, AZ. Moving water works wonders for space visually, and it can also provide a soothing background noise that drowns out traffic, the neighbors, and other sounds. Enhance the elegance and beauty of your home by adding a water feature that will turn your yard into a private oasis.

Backyard Water Feature Design in Gilbert, AZ

One of the best things about adding a backyard water feature design to your yard is that you can choose from a wide variety of options to get something that’s a perfect fit for your home. Find one that brings out the best features of your home and yard while also adding a special touch. Some people like to add water features to their existing in-ground pools to create a unique swimming hole. Others like to create luxurious sitting areas that combine both water features and outdoor fire features.

Space is always an important consideration, and it’s important to find something that will fit well into the scheme of your backyard. Some yards have enough room for a pond water feature massive backyard fountain, while others require something small like a water wall that can stay tucked into a tight space. You can find materials that match your home or incorporate something new for a more striking aesthetic. Some of the most popular types of water features for yard include the following:

  • Pond Water Feature
  • Water Feature Wall
  • Bubbling Rock Water Feature
  • Fountain Water Feature
  • Combination and Custom Water Features

Benefits of Water Features in Landscaping

You might have seen an impressive water feature in your neighbor’s yard or on your favorite home renovation show. Some people are stricken by the natural beauty of these water features, immediately adding one to their list of desert landscape ideas and outdoor design plans for their home.  for their own home. While the beauty and serenity of water features are the most obvious draw, there are other benefits of water feature installation in your yard as well:

Increase Arizona Home Value

Just like every other improvement and addition, you make for your home, installing a water feature can add to the value. If and when you decide to list your house on the real estate market, the water feature in your backyard can help your home stand out from the others and command a higher price. As an added benefit, you can save money on your travel and entertainment when you already have a beautiful and comforting place to relax in your own yard.

Water Features as a Hobby

Depending on the type of water feature you decide to install, you’ll also get a new hobby to go with your new landscaping design. While some fountains and water walls are extremely low maintenance, other features like ponds can give homeowners an opportunity to learn a lot of new things. If you’re the type of person who likes completing projects around the home, you’re likely to enjoy learning how to take care of the water quality, filter, and other aspects of your water feature. Some people even like to install a pond so they can keep koi and develop an entire micro-ecosystem.

Relax and Unwind

Sometimes we all have bad days and feel ourselves starting to slip into an emotional funk. While it isn’t a magic bullet solution, sitting outside and appreciating your water feature can work wonders for your mood. Make yourself comfortable, soak up some sun, and admire the beauty of your water feature. The tranquility of the water sounds will help your stress melt away.

Attract Beautiful Wildlife

Water is one of the most critical elements for all types of living creatures, and there can be a real scarcity of it here in the desert. Even if you don’t stock your pond with koi, you may find that you see more animals around your house after installing a water feature.

Grow Different Plants

Desert plants and landscapes are beautiful, but some gardeners feel that their options are very limited here in the Gilbert area. Adding a water feature creates an oasis for you to enjoy, and it also allows different types of plants to thrive. If you’ve been looking for a way to add some aquatic plants or anything else that needs a lot of water, this could be it.

Water Feature Installation in Gilbert, AZ

At Mesquite Landscaping in Gilbert, AZ, we know exactly what it takes to install a water feature here in Arizona. We’ll work with you to discuss design, how much space you have, and how much water you want to use. Reach out today to start working on an idea for your yard.

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