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The days of unattractive artificial grass are long gone! Artificial turf gives you a gorgeous splash of green with nearly no maintenance and is a beautiful upgrade for any yard. With artificial turf, there is no longer a need for excessive amounts of water, mowing & trimming in 100+ degree temperatures, and all the other mundane aspects of general lawn maintenance. Mesquite Landscaping is here to ensure you have access to nothing but the best, brightest artificial turf around so you can build the ideal landscape of your home and achieve the curb appeal you’ve always dreamed of without breaking a sweat.

Artificial Turf in Arizona

The benefits of artificial turf for homes in Gilbert, Arizona, are endless. Artificial turf creates perfect designated areas for families to play and entertain with a grass-like feel that always looks good no matter what time of year! Artificial turf is realistic looking with long-term durability, but it also provides the perfect accent to any yard.

Homeowners can rest assured that their artificial lawns will always look great– no need to worry about wilting, dead patches, or weeds! Build out your outdoor living space, or even create a practice green to hone your game before tackling Arizona’s legendary golf courses. Whether you intend to be hands-on with your artificial turf or simply prefer to enjoy the greenery from a distance, rest assured that you’ll find the perfect solution to your home’s unique needs when you browse our extensive catalog of artificial turf options.

 Why Is Artificial Grass Perfect for Arizona?

In the summer months, temperatures throughout Gilbert and its surrounding communities easily reach an excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, plants that aren’t designed for the sweltering heat and intense sun wilt, dry out, and ultimately die. Unfortunately, this includes most types of grass used for creating luscious lawns and eye-catching landscaping throughout many other states.

Artificial grass allows homeowners and commercial building owners to enjoy the eye-catching greenery of a fresh, well-kept lawn despite the heat. Its beauty is matched by its softness, which allows many types of artificial turf to offer a real grass-like appeal even up close. Artificial turf’s excellent durability allows you to roam about on your new synthetic lawn without worrying about damaging the versatile materials used to create it. This durability gives you the best of both worlds for style and function, which is a claim no real grass can make in Arizona summertime. 

What Are the Benefits of Fake Grass in Gilbert?

The truth is, artificial grass has a long list of benefits that both modern homeowners and commercial building owners are sure to appreciate. The most noteworthy of these benefits include:

  • Safe materials
  • Pet-friendly construction
  • Reduces exposures to allergens like pollen
  • It needs virtually no maintenance
  • It helps you conserve water when it’s most important
  • More time spent outdoors with loved ones 

Artificial grass is by far the most convenient option for lawns, without exception. You won’t need to spend time cutting or watering your lawn, which gives you more time in the day to do the things you love most. Because you don’t need to water your lawn, you’re also better able to conserve water, which long-time residents of Arizona know is a serious issue when summer reaches its peak each year. Finally, some synthetic turf options are made from safe materials, so you can enjoy your bright, beautiful lawn without feeling guilty about creating unnecessary waste. Fake turf can’t be dug up or even torn up by dogs, and other pets, so muddy paw prints and other potential issues are kept at bay. These are just a few of the remarkable benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose fake grass in Gilbert, AZ.

Home Landscaping with Artificial Grass

If you are looking for artificial lawn landscaping in Phoenix, the keys to an attractive artificial lawn are a thorough plan, reliable materials, and expert installation. We start by taking the time to truly understand the current state of your property and how you want it to look when the project is completed. Our expert landscape designers develop a detailed plan, including price estimates to ensure the work will meet your needs and budget.

If you’re in the market for a tougher turf for your home landscaping project, commercial turf may be the way to go. Commercial turf maintains the bright and beautiful grassy look of artificial grass while providing a durable performance like no other. Some common uses for commercial turf in the past have included road medians, golf course greenery, features in churches and office complexes, play areas in schools and childcare centers, dog kennels, and much more. Its sturdy construction makes commercial turf ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as these, where people, cars, or pets are expected to come into contact with the grass often. If you’re worried about the durability of your turf options, our experts can help you assess your needs and assist you in selecting the right turf for your yard, business, or other projects.

How Long Can I Expect My Artificial Grass to Last?

The last thing you want is to pay for a lawn full of new artificial grass, only to need a replacement in a year or two. These projects are extensive, after all, and large landscaping projects may be pricey. Fortunately, artificial grass is expected to last between 10 and 15 years in Gilbert, AZ, so you won’t need to worry about investing in a replacement anytime soon. The synthetic fibers withstand the heat with ease, and high-traffic options ensure that even the most well-loved and well-used yard continues to look pristine for a decade or more. 

Part of the long-lasting magic is in the installation process. The experts at Mesquite Landscaping are highly trained and experienced and handle the turf installation process to set the product up for success. By ensuring the turf is laid flat, secured properly to its tough, protective backing, and meets all other installation requirements, our landscaping pros help to ensure your investment is a long-lasting one. 

Artificial Turf Installation Near Phoenix Area

Your time is valuable, and when you decide artificial turf is right for your yard or commercial building, we’re here to get the job done right away while getting it done the right way. At Mesquite Landscaping in Gilbert, AZ, once you sign off on our plan to install artificial turf or grass, it’s time to execute. Artificial turf is secured to a durable backing, which we customize to meet the size and shape of your yard for a seamless installation.

Your artificial lawn will look and feel natural, except that it won’t require stressful maintenance to hold up against the desert climate! Contact us at (480) 238-2943 today for more information on artificial turfs & lawns!  We have a turf that fits your needs, whether you’re creating a fun and low-maintenance place for your family and friends to spend time together or you’re just looking to spice up your home’s curb appeal. Let our team of installation professionals give you an eye-catching green yard that beats the summer heat.

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