A Guide to Arizona Desert Plants

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Landscape design in Arizona offers unique challenges due to the arid and hot conditions.

Ideally, your choices for Arizona desert plants should be low-maintenance in terms of irrigation and should be able to withstand full sun conditions.

Mesquite Landscaping can help you determine which plants are best suited to the needs of your property and your personal aesthetic preferences.



Amazing desert cactus garden with multiple types of cactus

Succulents are a mainstay of desert landscaping and are excellent for accent purposes. Many of them have sharp edges or spikes, so they should ideally be placed in areas that are away from the main thoroughfares and walkways.

Succulents are able to withstand harsh conditions, such as poor soil quality, direct sunlight and drought.

Although there are a large number of succulent species, some of the most popular choices for Arizona include the Agave plant and the Aloe plant.


Shrubs, Grasses and Groundcover


Small bushes and shrubs can provide hedging and borders, while other types of plants can be used as a groundcover for larger areas.

These types of landscaping plants vary from flowering shrubs to types of decorative grasses.


  • Texas Sage – Often used as wind barriers, these shrubs require little supplemental watering or pruning maintenance.
  • Muhlenbergia – An ornamental grass, this low-maintenance plant can soften the look of typical hard desert landscaping.
  • Verbena – This plant provides both excellent groundcover and beautiful aesthetics with purple blooms.
  • Dalea – These plants come in a variety of species that include shrubs and groundcover with tiny flowers that attract wildlife.


Desert Trees

a-guide-to-arizona-desert-plants-3In desert conditions, tree canopies can provide much-needed shade and protection from the elements.

If you want to include trees in your landscaping plan, choosing hardy and tolerant options such as the Texas Ebony, Desert Willow or Mesquite tree can provide both shade and unique beauty to your landscaping.

For larger areas that can handle larger trees with complicated root systems, the Evergreen Elm can be an option.


Flowering Plants


Desert conditions don’t exclude the option for beautiful flowers. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you could include Birds of Paradise, Yellow Bells, Angelita Daisies or Evening Primrose plants to provide ongoing color and softness to your landscaping.



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